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Carola Felchner is a freelance author at lifelikeinc.com and a certified exercise and nutritionist. She worked at various trade magazines and online portals before becoming self-employed in 2015 as a journalist. Before her traineeship, she studied translating and interpreting in Kempten and Munich.

More about the lifelikeinc.com experts at one Hamstring tear one or more fibers in a muscle. Reason is a strong muscle load, such as football or tennis. The torn muscle fibers are noticeable with a sudden, stabbing pain. The affected muscle can no longer be loaded to the maximum. Read more about this topic here: How does a torn muscle fiber develop? Which symptoms occur? What to do with hamstring?

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Quick Overview

  • symptoms: sudden, stinging pain, possible bruise; Loss of power of the affected muscle, restriction of movement
  • Causes: extreme stress, z. B. by jerky movements, abrupt stopping. Often happens in sports like tennis or football. Risk factors include lack of fitness, bad shoes, muscular inequalities, infections.
  • Diagnosis: Patient interview (anamnesis), physical examination, possibly ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (magnetic resonance imaging, MRI)
  • Treatment: Acute measures include pausing, cooling, pressure bandage and high-altitude positioning of the injured body part. The doctor can prescribe painkillers and physiotherapy. In severe cases, surgery if necessary.
  • Forecast: A hamstring usually heals without consequences. But that takes several weeks.
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Muscular rupture: symptoms

A torn muscle with a sudden, knife-like pain associated. The affected muscle is in his Function restricted and can not be loaded more than maximum. The patient can not continue the sports activity that led to the injury. The natural movement is disturbed. Mostly sufferers take one relief attitude at. When trying to hook the injured muscle against resistance, kick Pain on. There are also pressure and stretch pain.

Immediately after the injury, there may be a visible and palpable dent in the affected area - especially if not only muscle fibers are torn, but the entire muscle has been severed (muscle tear). But as the tissue usually swells, the dent is soon no longer felt.

Sometimes a visible one is formed at the site of the torn muscle bruise (Hematoma).

The symptoms described are all the more pronounced, the more severe the muscle injury is - so if more than one fiber, a fiber bundle or even the whole muscle is torn.