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Martina Feichter studied biology in Innsbruck with an optional subject in pharmacy and also immersed herself in the world of medicinal plants. From there it was not far to other medical topics that still captivate her today. She trained as a journalist at the Axel Springer Academy in Hamburg and has been working for lifelikeinc.com since 2007 - first as an editor and since 2012 as a freelance author.

More about the lifelikeinc.com experts at the cirrhosis (Shrunken liver) is the cause of the liver tissue and gradually transforms into connective tissue - it scarred. The more intact liver tissue is lost in this way, the worse the organ can do its job. The most common causes of cirrhosis of the liver are chronic alcoholism and hepatitis. Read all important information about symptoms, causes, therapy and life expectancy in liver cirrhosis.

ICD codes for this disease: ICD codes are internationally valid medical diagnosis codes. They are found e.g. in medical reports or on incapacity certificates. K74K76K70K71K72ArtikelübersichtLeberzirrhose

  • What is liver cirrhosis?
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Quick Overview

  • Description: In liver cirrhosis (shrinking liver), increasingly healthy tissue is transformed into functionless connective tissue (scar tissue). The liver is less and less able to fulfill its important tasks.
  • symptoms: general symptoms (such as tiredness, lack of appetite, weight loss), liver signs (reddened palms and soles, itching, yellowing of the skin and white dermis in the eye, etc.), often complications (ascites, etc.)
  • Causes: usually alcohol abuse or virus-induced liver inflammation (hepatitis). Sometimes other diseases of the liver, biliary tract, heart, metabolic diseases etc. or medications or toxins
  • Treatment: Cause must be eliminated / treated. This way, the progression of the disease can be stopped. Already existing liver damage can not be undone.
  • Forecast: It depends on how advanced the liver cirrhosis already is and whether the cause can be eliminated / treated.
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What is liver cirrhosis?

Liver cirrhosis (shrinking liver) is the cause of liver tissue and gradually transforms into connective tissue (scarring). Possible trigger is a liver damage such as alcohol abuse, liver inflammation (hepatitis) or other diseases.

Due to the increasing remodeling of the liver tissue organ function decreases. Finally, in liver cirrhosis, the liver can no longer sufficiently fulfill its tasks as a central metabolic organ: the collapse of all liver functions (acute liver failure) causes the patient to die.

Development of liver cirrhosisChronic poisoning or inflammation of the liver can cause liver cirrhosis

In Germany, about 250 out of every 100,000 people develop liver cirrhosis every year. However, experts suspect a high number of unreported cases: the actual number of illnesses may be much higher. Cirrhosis affects and kills approximately twice as many men as women. Mortality has increased in recent years.