Schüßler Salt No. 21: Zincum chloratum


The Schüßler salt No. 21, Zincum chloratum (Zinc chloride), is considered helpful in allergies and to strengthen the immune system. In addition, Zincum chloratum is said to help the body to drain heavy metals and build connective tissue, bones, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Read more about the effects and use of zinc chloride here.

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What is Schüßler Salt No. 21: Zincum chloratum

In addition to iron, zinc is the most common trace element in the human body and fulfills many important functions. Among other things, zinc is an important protection for the membrane of every body cell. The Schüßler salt No. 21, zinc chloride or Zincum chloratum, should therefore contribute to the stabilization of the cell membranes. Especially on the function and moisture of the mucous membrane (digestive tract) and on the nerve sheaths it has a positive effect according to the Schüßler theory. Through its involvement in nerve metabolism zinc chloride should be well suited to strengthen weak nerves. It is also used for seizures.

However, Schüßler salts are not dietary supplements. They contain the eponymous salt only in homeopathic dosage and therefore can not directly compensate for a corresponding salt deficiency.

In addition, Zincum chloratum is said to strengthen the immune system, help with allergies and release heavy metals. The goal is to alleviate symptoms similar to those that would occur if there was a corresponding lack of salt. The Schüßler salt should therefore also act when a completely different cause is behind the complaints.

According to Schüßler experts, the mineral salt zinc chloride helps to build up cartilage, bone, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments, as it contributes to the body's formation of collagen and elastin. These two building blocks are important for the elasticity and strength of the connective tissue.

The Schüßler salt No. 21 is one of the so-called supplementary salts, the 12 basic salts according to Dr. med. Schüßler's death were added. is part of the antioxidant mixture according to Schüßler. In addition to zinc chloride, these include Schüßler salts No. 3 (Ferrum phosphoricum), No. 6 (potassium sulfuricum), No. 10 (sodium sulfuricum), No. 17 (Manganum sulphuricum), No. 19 (Cuprum arsenicosum) and no. 26 (Selenium). Antioxidant means in alternative medicine that the effect of harmful free radicals (aggressive oxygen compounds) is weakened, thus reducing the effect of "oxidative stress". Diseases caused by this should be combated by antioxidants such as Zincum chloratum.

Locations for Zincum chloratum

Special storage for zinc chloride is not called the Schüßler theory. However, zinc is an essential trace element and involved in many metabolic processes. In particular, zinc is found in the spleen and lymphocytes (special white blood cells). In addition, around 200 enzymes of the human body contain zinc.

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Symptoms and Diseases in the absence of Zincum chloratum

In the case of a lack of zinc chloride, according to the Schüßler theory, the following symptoms and diseases may occur and possibly be compensated by administration of Zincum chloratum:

  • light-sensitive eyes, disorders of the light-dark adjustment
  • Bad wound healing, abscesses, boils, mucosal problems, hair loss, brittle or grooved nails
  • osteoporosis
  • Stretch marks in the connective tissue / stretch marks
  • Coordination disorders, facial nerve paralysis, restless legs syndrome, nerve pain, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy
  • Renal inflammation, irritable bladder, bladder muscle paralysis
  • diabetes
  • Sleep disorders, nervousness, restlessness, stress
  • Whooping cough, asthma nervosum
  • Gastrointestinal spasms, nervous diarrhea
  • In children: growth disorder, nervous vomiting, delayed sexual development
  • Infertility without organic causes (Zincum chloratum is one of the remedies that are considered to be suitable Schüßler salts for children)

Non-medical practitioners like to administer Zincum chloratum in chronic diseases that lead to increased zinc excretion, for example, to help the liver in alcohol withdrawal, in immunodeficiency and in support of athletes.

Prolonged and severe symptoms may be the result of serious conditions such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, which necessarily require a visit to the doctor. From a sole and arbitrary treatment with Schüßler salts is to be advised in these cases! In addition to conventional therapy, however, Schüßler salts such as Zincum chloratum can be given in such diseases.

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Application of Zincum chloratum

Zincum chloratum is suitable for internal and external use.

Internal use of Zincum chloratum

Depending on the nature and extent of the complaints, the alternative practitioner selects between one and several tablets daily. Zincum chloratum is usually given in potentiation D12 (sometimes called D6). Each tablet should slowly dissolve in the mouth so that the mineral salt is absorbed directly through the oral mucosa. Dissolution in hot water (as in the "hot sieves", magnesium phosphoricum, Schüßler salt No. 7) is not recommended for zinc chloride - as for all supplemental salts.

According to the Chinese organ clock, each organ has its so-called maximum time to which it is running at full speed. It is sometimes recommended to take this into account and start taking a salt just before the maximum time that specifically affects this organ. Zincum chloratum should therefore be taken between 21 and 23 o'clock. At this time, thyroid, pancreas and pituitary have their most active phase.

External use of Zincum chloratum

For application on the skin, a slurry of Schuessler salts 21 tablets may be mixed.

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Characteristic causes of a lack of Zincum chloratum

The alternative healing method according to Schüßler states that there is a connection between character structures and a mineral salt deficiency. According to compulsive character traits on the reserves of a mineral salt are particularly eaten. But that does not mean that you can change your character by taking a Schüßler salt. According to Schüßler, however, a mineral salt is said to help those affected in dealing with their problematic character structures by solving internal blockages and remedying a biochemical imbalance.

For Zincum chloratum, the Schüßler healing method states that people who doubt themselves are insecure, like to see themselves as victims, often blaming themselves and having low self-esteem, attacking their zinc chloride reserves in the long term. To strengthen one's own self-confidence can therefore help to prevent a deficiency.