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Martina Feichter studied biology in Innsbruck with an optional subject in pharmacy and also immersed herself in the world of medicinal plants. From there it was not far to other medical topics that still captivate her today. She trained as a journalist at the Axel Springer Academy in Hamburg and has been working for lifelikeinc.com since 2007 - first as an editor and since 2012 as a freelance author.

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The mullein has been used for centuries to relieve cold symptoms such as cough and sore throat. Because of its pleasant taste and mild effects, the medicinal plant is also suitable for children. Read more about the effect and use of mullein!

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What healing power is in the mullein?

The flowers of mullein are used as a traditional herbal remedy for colds to relieve symptoms such as coughing or sore throat. In combination with other drugs, they can release stuck mucus in the airways, making it easier to cough off.

Among the active ingredients in mullein flowers are mainly mucilage and saponins. The mucilages have a soothing effect on inflamed mucous membranes, while the saponins have secretolytic properties. Other ingredients are iridoids - they have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Folk medicine also uses the medicinal plant for other ailments: Used internally, the mullein is used, for example, to help with rheumatism, bladder and kidney problems. External use is recommended, among other things, for inflammatory, itchy skin diseases and insect bites. However, there are no scientific studies that detect these effects and rule out possible side effects. Therefore, in case of such complaints, it is better to use medicinal plants with recognized efficacy in these areas.

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How is the Mullein used?

Mullein as a home remedy

Above all, the flowers of the Large-flowered Mullein (Verbascum densiflorum), but also those of the Small-flowered (V.thapsus) and the Felted Mullein (V. phlomoides) are used medicinally.

To relieve cold symptoms you can get one tea Prepare: Pour a tablespoon of finely chopped, dried mullein flowers with a cup of boiling water and peel the plant parts off after ten to fifteen minutes. You can drink a cup several times a day, with the recommended daily dose for adults being between three and four grams of dried flowers.

When making tea, you can also add other medicinal plants. Good match with marshmallow, licorice and anise.

Prepared preparations with mullein

Finished tea blends from the pharmacy often contain, among other medicinal plants, the flowers of the mullein, for example "cold tea" and "cough tea".