Five basic diets under scrutiny


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  • Camouflaged fattening

    Secret fatteners are in many foods and foods. But even some supposedly healthy products turn out to be nasty fat traps when looked at more closely. We show you how best to circumnavigate them.
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  • Calorie bomb latte coffee

    A latte, when made with whole milk, contains more than 9 grams of fat. With low-fat milk, it comes only to 5.6 grams. The latte macchiato from whole milk with sugar has a proud 250 calories. The easy alternative: an espresso with sugar! It contains only 40 calories and tastes just as good.
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  • Greasy salad

    Actually salad is low in calories. But who pours a Fertigdressing about, makes him a real grease trap. That's why you should mix the dressing yourself with low-fat yoghurt or Italian with olive oil and balsamico.
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  • Dear fresh fruit!

    Stay away from canned fruit! A can of pineapple contains four pieces of sugar cubes. Better you buy the fresh variant, which contains only the fruit's own sugar. Not only does it taste better, it also provides the body with essential vitamins!
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  • Caution finished yogurt!

    Anything but lean are also many dairy products. For example, there are 21 sugar cubes in 500 grams of fruit yoghurt. So what do you do? Mix it yourself, for example, fresh strawberries with reduced-fat natural yoghurt.
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  • Healthy vegetable burger?

    A vegetable mäc and a milkshake contain more calories than a hamburger with cola. From a nutritional point of view, the vegetable variant is unfortunately a failure. The meat menu delivers less than 400 calories. Vegetable burgers and milk drinks, on the other hand, contain almost twice as much energy.
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  • French calorie trap

    For example, a croissant contains around 20 grams of fat, which is considerably more than a cheeseburger. The French specialty is guaranteed to land directly on your hips. Fresh Bguette, on the other hand, is just as French and crispy, but hardly contains any fat!
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  • Sugar sausage

    Also sausages contain sugar, although they do not taste sweet at all. In addition, liver sausage, Mettwurst, Lyoner and Co. have a high fat content and therefore many hidden calories (300 kilocalories per 100 grams). Better are lean alternatives such as ham or turkey breast.
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  • Stay away from ketchup!

    Although tomato ketchup contains almost no fat, but proud eleven cubes of sugar per 100 grams. Particularly savory are other hearty finished product: potato salad, spreads or mustard - they do not taste sweet, but still can contain considerable amounts of sugar. Therefore: Better to do it yourself, that reduces the hip circumference - and protects the purse!

  • By Christiane FuxMedicine editor

3. Energy and reduced fat balanced mixed food

ExamplesBrigitte Diet, PfundsKur, Weight-Watcher, "I'm Taking Off" DGE Training Program, Mediterranean Diet, Lunar Diet, Acid-Base Diet, Rice Diet
reasons- most sensible dietary measure in obesity
principle- Energy content of the diet is significantly lower than the energy requirement
Per- Only diets below 1000 kcal per day need to be substituted with vitamins and minerals.
- Desires of the willing to lose weight can be largely taken into account
- Healthy weight loss of 1-1.5 kg per week
- Balanced and versatile in the long term
- simple, suitable for everyday use, enjoyment and learning effect

4. Diets with extreme nutritional differences

ExamplesAtkins Diet, Mayo Diet, Hollywood Diet, Lutz Diet
Per- Protein-rich foods promote satiety and stamina
- One-sided diets are not very tasty, the overweight is soon saturated and eats less of it, which explains the repeated successes of the many fads.
Contra- unilateral, unbalanced nutrient composition
- Carbohydrate partly very low
- Increased risk of metabolic disorders due to the high content of cholesterol and purines in the diet
- no learning effect
What do my laboratory values ​​mean?

5. Formulas

ExamplesBCM diet, powder diet, Herbalife
reasonsModified fasting in the sense of clinical fasting is especially suitable for inflammatory (rheumatism) and chronic diseases (bowel)
principleFormula diets use instant powder to make a ready-to-drink, low-calorie meal.
Per- no arithmetic and weighing required.
- Nutrient mixture with constant content of essential nutrients and energy.
- largely balanced, easy to prepare.
- large weight loss possible.
Contra- monotonous
- often liquid, mushy consistency, no chewing
- no learning effect
- no enjoyment and no permanent solution.