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  • What men like about women

    Breasts, buttocks, beautiful eyes - these are the classic eye-catchers in women, look at the men. But the Lords of Creation pay attention to many other, sometimes amazing signals. Find out more about the infinite complexity of attractiveness here.
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  • Come Dance With Me

    Men can tell by the dancing style of the ladies if they are in the fertile cycle phase. Researchers blame the hormone estrogen, because the messenger also influences how they move. Fledwillige women have then on the dance floor particularly good chances with the men.
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  • More curves in spring

    Men find a waist to hip ratio of 0.7 most attractive. The expression of the female curves changes over the seasons. The best ratio of waist to hip is found in spring. Responsible for this is the testosterone level of women, which is then particularly low. Whether this change is perceived by the men, however, the experts are not yet conclusive.
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  • Men like to see red

    Monkeys and men have one thing in common - they both react to the color red with excitement. The proof: researchers showed men photos of women in different contexts. In some, the color red was present, not on others. The men evaluated the ladies with red in the picture visible more attractive than if the signal color was missing. The color had no influence on the assessment of female friendliness or intelligence.
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  • Intoxicating hormones

    Estradiol is one of the estrogens and thus the female sex hormones - at the same time it also seems to play a key role in the attractiveness. Women who have a lot of it in the body, find themselves beguiling - and they are also more attractive to others. With consequences - these ladies are also very flirtatious or more willing to start an affair.
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  • Sniff fertility

    What smells so good here? When women have their fertile days, they smell better for men than on other days. This was the result of a study with sniffing tests on worn T-shirts. It may be the altered hormone production of women at this time responsible, researchers suspect.
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  • Beguete with the voice

    Incidentally, hormones also affect the female voice - men can unconsciously perceive whether the speaker is in her fertile phase. The female voice then gets a tick higher. This was the result of a study in which students played female voices from the band, recorded at different cycle times.
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  • Love on a small footing

    Women with small shoe sizes are particularly popular with males. Apparently, her facial features are more feminine and therefore more attractive. This relationship arose at least indirectly, as scientists for a study united faces of many women with small feet on the computer and compared with another fictitious face with taller shoe ladies.
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  • Symmetry makes a woman look good

    Who has symmetrical facial features, has better chances in the opposite sex. The same applies to the rest of the body, British researchers discovered. Accordingly, harmonious body shapes indicate a good health status and thus a possibly good mating partner.
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  • Nice drinking works

    Men rate women under the influence of alcohol more attractive than if they did not drink anything - British psychologists found out. Presumably, in the uninhibited state, especially sexual aspects come to the fore. However, the "nice drinking" also works with their own gender.
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  • Radiant, but uncertain?

    Unsurprisingly, men are attracted by a radiant smile and are flirtatious. On the other hand, they do not like it when the woman feels too self-confident at the first contact. Incidentally, the ladies are in the reverse, they prefer the cool guy - with at most a subtle smile.

  • By Luise HeineMedicine editor and biologist

In which situations will love be experienced?

Love is usually tied to situations involving two or more people. Depending on the object of love, Erich Fromm distinguishes between charity, parental love, erotic love, self-love, and love for God (divine). Triggering situations for feelings of love may be the presence of the loved one, physical contact, joint actions, but also problems, worries, illness or avoidance of the loved one.

What quality is love?

Love goes hand in hand with an appreciation of connectedness, security and balance of give and take. The meaning of life is conveyed through love. In addition, a positive view of the world and of the beloved, also more frequent thinking of the other is noted.

What do my laboratory values ​​mean?

Sexuality and love

Under most social conditions and cultures a separation of love and sexuality is described, although the connection is always sought. The idea of ​​a romantic love, which is to live together in a Christian marriage, is not only difficult today to redeem.